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Other Online Resources

  • Byliner - a one-stop-shop for articles and short stories written by the world’s best writers. With Common Core looking for 50% of our readings in English class to be non-fiction and/or informational, this site has helped me cut down on my search time a lot! It has recently started charging a subscription, but for a couple bucks, it’s worth the time I save. Between Byliner and Newsela, I’ve got my supplemental materials covered!
  • Newsela - a site that not only takes current events and aligns them with common core, but also allows you to increase or decrease the difficulty of the article. If that wasn’t enough, they have quick quizzes your students can take while they read!
  • - a safe way of using text messages to remind students of upcoming tests, projects, practices, etc.
  • - a website that allows you to have a dynamic course page, calendar, and document management that allows students to digitally submit documents.
  • - a digital quiz and polling website that you can use to get feedback, check for understanding, and will even grade for you.

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